The North American Consortium on Legal Education (NACLE), comprised of 12 participating law schools in Canada, Mexico, and the United States, seeks to promote and share an understanding of the legal systems within North American countries as well as enhance the capabilities of each member to provide high quality legal education and research appropriate to the demands of the professional environment in North America.

NACLE was created in 1998 with grant support from Canada, Mexico, and the United States’ governments. NACLE’s membership has expanded from the original nine members to thirteen law schools and legal institutes in Canada, Mexico and the United States. NACLE’s Canadian members are: Dalhousie University (Halifax), McGill University (Montreal), the University of British Columbia (Vancouver), and the University of Ottawa. NACLE’s Mexico members are: CIDE (Mexico City), Monterrey Tee (ITESM, Monterrey campus), Universidad Panamericana (Mexico City), UNAM (Instituto de Investigaciones  Juridicas, Mexico City). NACLE’s United States members are: University of Arizona, Rogers College of Law (Tucson), Suffolk University (Boston), Fordham University (New York City), the University of Houston  Law Center (Houston), and George Washington University (Washington, D.C.).

Driven by common interests and economic ties, NACLE provides a forum for legal study and practice that transcends national boundaries. NACLE offers law students the opportunity to participate in semester-long exchange programs at NACLE member universities. Since its inception, NACLE has uniquely contributed to the collaboration between its member governments and academic institutions.

With top legal scholars, students and practitioners from 13 research-based institutions, NACLE aims to increase the quality of legal education and cooperation between public and private sectors in the member countries. Through annual conferences, student exchanges and academic paper competitions, NACLE creates for the North American legal community an opportunity to dialogue, learn and better understand neighboring legal systems.

As some of the top legal experts in North America, NACLE members have expertise in international trade, environmental, intellectual property, family and comparative law. Participating faculty and students actively pursue opportunities to conduct joint research projects and foster working relationships with leaders in both the private and public sectors. NACLE supports interscholastic faculty exchanges, cooperation in curricular development, summer study, access to library resources, annual research workshops and joint publications. Faculty interaction truly broadens the depth of students’ legal education.

Learn more about eligibility and the application process of a NACLE exchange here.