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McGill University: Montreal, Canada

McGill’s Faculty of Law offers a unique program of legal education that reflects recent and ongoing transformations in law and legal education.

McGill University is one of Canada’s best-known institutions of higher learning and the country’s leading research-intensive university. With students coming to McGill from about 140 countries, McGill’s student body is the most internationally diverse of any medical-doctoral university in Canada.

Specialties & Programs

Why do students choose McGill’s Faculty of Law?
The Faculty boasts an unrivaled reputation in Canada and abroad. The Faculty offers a program attuned to the global environment, allowing students to learn about the Western world’s two major legal traditions, the civil law and the common law. The Faculty’s relatively small size and the diverse backgrounds of both students and professors make it a stimulating and dynamic learning environment.

Through an integrated and comparative approach, legal education at McGill moves in a world of ideas. McGill’s unique program is offered in a dynamic setting where the common law and the civil law are taught and studied both in English and in French. McGill law professors are experts in both civil and common law traditions, with many emphasizing a comparative approach, most readily demonstrated by the number of international law specialists. This depth gives students a wide choice of courses in public and private international law, including human rights and international business law.

Life in Montreal

Multilingual, pluralistic, cosmopolitan and culturally diverse, Montreal is truly an international city, one that consistently makes the short list of North America’s most livable urban centers. The largest French-speaking community outside of Paris, Montreal is, in many important ways, a European culture, with the emphasis on the daily joie de vivre pace that lends it such an inviting ambiance. The city offers great shopping, excellent dining, an exciting nightlife, along with festivals and cultural events for all tastes (

With Mount Royal as a backdrop, McGill’s main campus is set in the heart of downtown Montreal, a city on an island in the St. Lawrence River. The campus is a mosaic of historic and modern buildings laid out around an oasis of green space. The downtown campus encompasses 35 hectares and faces Montreal’s downtown commercial district.

Few world cities are as accessible and enjoyable for students as Montreal. Living costs are quite low, and inexpensive rental accommodations abound within walking distance of the Faculty. By the standards of large North American cities, Montreal is safe, with excellent subway and bus systems. Many of the city’s cultural and recreational activities are free to students or offer significantly reduced student rates. Montreal also boasts an English-speaking population of over 400,000. Health care, TV, radio, museums, entertainment, shopping and most public services are readily available in English and – in many cases – a variety of other languages as well.

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