University of Ottawa

University of Ottawa: Ottawa, Canada

The University of Ottawa Faculty of Law attracts a dynamic faculty, drawing on the rich academic, professional, and governmental resources of Canada’s capital.

Minutes from Parliament and the Supreme Court of Canada, the University of Ottawa is near key federal government departments, such as Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Defense and Justice, as well as foreign embassies and international non-governmental organizations. The law school attracts a dynamic faculty, drawing on the rich academic, professional and governmental resources of the nation’s capital, and on visiting academics and practitioners from around the world. Located in North America’s premier bilingual university, Faculty of Law serves both the Civil and Common law traditions.

Specialties & Programs

With exceptional strengths in areas including law and technology and international law, the Ottawa Faculty of Law is also home to several internationally respected research centers. The Faculty is closely linked to the Human Rights Research and Education Centre, the oldest national university-based human rights institute in Canada. Along with Carleton University, the Faculty is also a partner in the Centre for Trade Policy and Law, which foster independent analysis and research on trade policy issues. It is also host to the EDGE – Emerging Dynamic Global Economies Network, a research network, which focuses on the current transformation of the global economic landscape. In addition, the Faculty is home to the IUCN Academy of Environmental Law, a global educational organization dedicated to advancing knowledge of environmental law.

Life in Ottawa

The University of Ottawa is one of Canada’s most cosmopolitan universities, and students at the Faculty of Law have the opportunity to participate in a wide array of student activities. Ottawa itself has a vibrant cultural life with an abundance of theatres, national museums, and festivals. Despite its more than one million residents, the area is famous for its green spaces, bicycle paths, and rivers, making it especially appealing to people with active lifestyles.