NACLE Scholars

2014 Scholars

Olga Gerlich, University of Ottawa
Public Services Under GATS and NAFTA: Striking A Balance Between Regulatory Autonomy of States and Open Market

Paul Keenlyside, George Washington University 
Hydraulic Fracturing on Public Land

Carole Gilbert, McGill University
Private Rights and Public Interest: Perspectives on the Concept of “Free Mining”

Paola Monzón Cadena, ITESM
Las implicaciones de la firma del Acuerdo entre los Estados Unidos Mexicanos y los Estados Unidos de América relativo a los yacimientos transfronterizos de hidrocarburos en el Golfo de México a la luz de la experiencia internacional entre Estados con economías asimétricas: el caso Australia – Timor Oriental
(The Implications of Signing the Agreement between the United Mexican States and United States of America concerning Cross-border Hydrocarbons Deposits in the Gulf of Mexico in the light of International Experience between States with Asymmetrical Economies: the case Australia – East Timor)

Omar Salamanca Medina, CIDE
Colaboración entre Competidores bajo la perspectiva de Competencia Económica en América del Norte
(Collaboration among Competitors from the Perspective of Economic Competition in North America)

Carolina Hernandez Nieto, UNAM
Right to Land, Genesis of the Consultation. Notes from the International System of Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Daniel Nieto Martínez, Universidad Panamericana
North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA): The Energy Issues in the NAFTA

Gabriela Salcido Monreal, University of Arizona
The Past and the Future Of U.S. Investment in Mexican Real Estate for Residential Housing: The Coastal Communities of Rocky Point and San Carlos

Jordana F. Kleinau, Southwestern Law School
Recasting Judicial Recognition of Battered Women’s Syndrome Evidence and Testimony as an Affirmative Obligation Under CEDAW

Cody Friesz, Suffolk University Law School
Public Participation and Environmental Sustainability: Encouraging a Culture of Corporate Responsibility for North America

Lauren Adenna Fisher, University of Houston Law Center
Targeting and Recruitment of Latin American Teens Through Social Media

Hugh Goodday, Dalhousie University 
Reciprocity: Fair Trade or Free Trade? Challenging American Electricity Regulation Under NAFTA

2011 Scholars

Florence Sauvé-Lafrance, University of Ottawa
L’arbitrage International Entre Investisseurs et États, Incohérence et Manque de Légitimité

Jennie Simmons, University of Arizona
The Hague Convention’s Unforeseen Development: Perpetuating the Subordination of Domestic Violence Victims

Juan Pablo Hugues Arthur, CIDE
National Treatment of North American Investment in Mexico: A NAFTA Chapter XI Case Study

Lucas Gifuni, McGill University
The CEC Council’s Discretionary Decision Making Under Article 15 of the NAAEC and its Legality at International Law

Magda Sanchez, ITESM
Gambling Regulation in the NAFTA Countries: A Comparative Analysis

Rachel Godley, Dalhousie University
Stand up, Turn around, Lie down: California’s Proposition 2 and the Canadian Perspective on Farm Animal Welfare Law

Ricardo Ortiz-Platas, Universidad Panamericana
Propuesta de cooperación trilateral en materia de competencia económica para fortalecer a la Comisión Federal de Competencia

2009 Scholars

Luis Trevino

Alexandre Mireault

Raymundo Arenas

John Siwiec

J. Scott Childs

2008 Scholars

David Quayat, University of Ottawa
The Forest for the Trees: Canada’s Litigation Experience in Lumber IV

David “Joe” Griffin, University of Houston Law Center
Pacta Sunt Servanda Texas Style: An Analysis of U.S.-Mexico ICJ Implementation

Edith Castaneda, ITESM
Rules of Origin as Obstacles to International Trade: The Case of NAFTA

Gord McGuire, Dalhousie University
Transboundary Environmental Impact Assessment in the Canada-U.S. Context: Patching a gaping hole in bilateral environmental governance

Flora Lê, McGill University
L’adaptation de l’industrie agricole nord-américaine aux changements climatiques: vers une nouvelle gouvernance

Katharine Gordon, George Washington University
The Reinvigoration of Creating Societies without Gender-Based Violence: Suggestions from Mexico and the United States

Andres Suarez, CIDE
Origin Verification in NAFTA: A Tax Law Problem For Mexican Companies

2007 Scholars

Matthew Curtis, University of British Columbia
On the Trail to a New Approach in Resolving Cross-Border Pollution Disputes

Juan Herrerra, Dalhousie University
Mexico’s Implementation of the Biodiversity Convention in the GMO Era

Mariela Romero Aceves, CIDE
Juvenile Justice in Mexico and in the United States of America

Andrew Tuck, University of Arizona
International Commercial Arbitration in the Americas

James Newsom, ITESM
That’s My Water, Es Mi Agua

Fernando Guerrero and co-author Diego Cervantes, Universidad Panamericana

Tenille Brown, University of Ottawa
International law and Domestic Sovereignty

Marcelo Garcia, McGill University
Jurisdiction Issues in Cross-Border Internet Defamation

Melissa Elwyn, Fordham University
DR-CAFTA: A Panacea for International Trade or a Big Debt Liability for Central America? 

2006 Scholars

Efrain Castañeda, Universidad Panamericana

Annie Guerard-Langlois, McGill University

Rogelio Cortés, ITESM

Will David, University of Ottawa

April Tabangay, University of Houston Law Center

Pilar Mendoza, University of Arizona

Lee Seshagiri, Dalhousie University