Suffolk Law Professor Receives Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Research Fellowship Award

Suffolk Law Professor Elizabeth Trujillo recently received an Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Research Fellowship Award for her book project, “Multi-dimensional Dialogue: New Visions for International Trade and Sustainable Development.”

The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Research Fellowship Award, sponsored by the German government and the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, is a prestigious award with a lifetime network of more than 26,000 Humboldt Foundation alumni worldwide from over 140 countries. Since 1953, at least 50 Nobel Prize Laureates have been recipients of a Humboldt Foundation Award.

On October 28, 2015, Professor Trujillo gave a poster presentation of her book project at the Humboldt Foundation Networking and Symposium Event at the University of Augsburg in Augsburg, Germany. 160 Humboldt scholars from 47 countries attended the event.

In January 2016, Professor Trujillo plans to teach at the University of Havana Law School in the new Suffolk/Cuba Law Program. She will co-teach “Cuba Seminar: Issues in Contract Law, Trade, and Foreign Investment” with University of Havana Law School faculty members and Judge Isaac Borenstein, a Suffolk Law lecturer and Cuban native. Professor Trujillo first visited Cuba in July 2015, where she gave a panel presentation entitled, “El Malecón: A Comparative Approach to Finding Pathways for Trade and Investment with Cuba,” at “See Things As They Are,” the Midwestern People of Color Legal Scholarship Conference 25th Anniversary Meeting in La Habana, Cuba.

Trujillo is currently carrying out her fellowship as a visiting scholar at the prestigious Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law in Heidelberg, Germany (MPIL) where she is working on her book, which is scheduled to be published by Cambridge University Press in 2017. She plans to return to MPIL to complete her fellowship in summer 2016.

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