Vancouver 2014


The University of British Columbia hosted NACLE’s 2014 Workshop, Re-Energizing North America: Pipelines and Policy, in Vancouver.  The workshop focused on energy and environmental law issues that accompany North American integration. Issues related to energy, such as developing alternative sources of energy and best practices in the oil and gas industry in North America, have become increasingly important in all three NAFTA countries. Energy concerns increasingly dominate discussion in many policy areas, including environmental protection, protection of indigenous peoples’ rights, and national security. Energy considerations are affecting the negotiation and implementation of many different kinds of international treaties, including not only trade agreements but also treaties dealing with bilateral investment, the environment, taxation, human rights, and security.

Specific discussion panels at the workshop focused on topics such as energy-related trends in dispute settlement, the Mexican constitutional reform of its energy regulatory framework, indigenous people’s rights in the context of energy regulation, North American energy independence, energy technologies, climate change, land use issues, and more. Download the agenda below to read more about the workshop.

In addition, NACLE hosted a student paper competition and honored the winners at the workshop. NACLE invited the twelve student paper competition winners to present their papers at the workshop, and provided a grant to cover their travel and hotel expenses.

More about NACLE workshops…

At the heart of its mission, NACLE aims to foster programs and collaboration among members of the Canadian, Mexican, and American legal communities. NACLE’s annual workshop provides to faculty and students an opportunity to dialogue, debate and provide policy recommendations for North America. Each workshop addresses a distinct theme reflecting the common interests and approaches to legal issues. It also serves as a forum for the annual student paper competition.