5 Customer Service Tips That Guarantee Repeat Business

Before you can have a base of loyal customers, you must find a way to get them to come back and purchase again.

Loyalty doesn’t happen on the first purchase or conversation. It probably doesn’t happen on the second or the third. It is a series of consistent experiences that get customers to come back and become loyal. These customers know what to expect and they own their experience with your brand.

One of the mistakes business owners make is confusing repeat buyers with loyal customers. Everything starts with getting the customer back after the first purchase.

Michael Burns is a chef revenue offer at Aventry and in its own words, “a company that helps event and meeting planners create valuable in-person experiences, grow influential communities, and expand brands”.

Avantri has won a few Stevie Awards for its superb customer service.

While your business idea is interesting and you run a successful company, you need to focus on improving your customer service. Here are some great ideas to follow:


#1. Give Your Customers a Voice

It is important to give your customers or buyers a voice in how they are served and treated. If everything is done right, they will gladly share their feedback.

You can consider special events or customer advisory board for customers to meet, discuss, and share their experiences in a public forum. They can talk about how they use your products or services, how they think you could make the service even better, and etc.

Once you get that feedback, you need to act on it. Asking your customers for feedback and not doing anything about it frustrates both employees and customers. As a business owner, this is the opposite of what you are trying to achieve.

#2. Train Your Employees on The Customer Experience

You need to keep in mind that customer service is not a department. It is the company’s culture.

Customer service is the philosophy of the leader that passes through the CEO to the intern. Everyone involved in your company must be trained to understand this philosophy. There is no doubt the person who works in the accounting department or in a warehouse will be trained differently than someone in sales, but everyone must be familiar with the customer service rules.

Remember – what is happening on the inside of a company is felt on the outside by the consumer.

#3. Don’t Assume You Know Your Customer

Don’t get all comfortable with what you know about your buyers. Their needs and desires will change over time. What used to be important one month ago may not be anymore. You need to continuously engage with consumers to ensure you are providing the best service.

According to the Burns: “The moment you don’t have to worry about them because they are comfortable, you will lose that connection”.

Customers can change their opinions, their decisions, and their needs. If you are not interested in getting to know them better and offering a service tailored to their current and specific needs, you can’t run a successful business company.

#4. Forget About B2B or B2C – It is P2P

P2P or people-to-people is what businesses are all about these days. Online businesses are not an exception.

A business company is built by people to serve people. Integrating technology, for example, an IVR or a chatbot must keep a balance between people and tech. You may see companies so modern and enamored with technology that they lose the H2H connection or human-to-human connection.

Anyone who contacts your company should be treated humanely by your team. That is the minimum you can offer to your customers.

In order to create an atmosphere of respect, your team must rely on a personal touch.

  • Use the customer’s name: Even though this sounds a little bit silly, it makes good sense. By using the customer’s name in conversation it shows that you are interested in their situation as an individual.
  • Show your face: Adding a photo of your customer service agents to their name in a live chat, email, and etc. will go a long way to give your customer service a more human feel. Make sure to use actual images, not a stock photo.

#5. Never Forget Post-Consumer Acquisition

Dr. Larry Baker once said: “The most abused customer is a sold customer”. Many people refer to the customer’s decision to purchase your products or services as “closing the customer”.

Yes, that couldn’t be further from the real truth. Once the customer decides to purchase something from you, that is the start of the relationship. At this point, it is up to your team to prove to your customers that they made the right decision when they decided to do business with you.

These fives tips are reminders that shouldn’t be overlooked. You may think these are common sense, and yes, they probably are. However, as long as you are actively implementing these strategies, you will be able to deliver the best service to your customers and a shopping experience that will motivate them to come back again and again.

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