5 Free Android Apps to Bring You Closer to Your Goals

Having trouble achieving personal or work goals? You are not the only one!

Luckily, there are apps that could give you the push you need.

The truth is that sometimes keeping yourself productive requires a lot of effort and time. The more you get behind your tasks, the more impossible it seems that you will be able to hit your goals. Right?

So, what can you do when you are drowning in projects and have so many responsibilities?

Easy, you turn to goal tracking.

The Google Play Store and the apps it offers can make your personal and business life easier. The Google Play Store offers plenty of apps including goal-tracking apps that can help be more productive.

However, choosing the right app for your needs and specific goals can be a bit daunting. After all, there are hundreds of apps to choose from.

Here are five great options that may help you control your goals and monitor your achievements.


#1 Goal Tracker

Are you looking to set goals for the day, week or month? Well, look no further as Goal Tracker will help you track finances, family, health, hobbies, socialization, career, and more.

The app offers an easy-to-use wizard (five steps included) that walks you through the entire process of identifying personal and business goals. You can set and monitor time intervals, add images and alarms, create descriptions, slogan, and much more.

Once you’ll create a goal, you can get a quick overview of progress by using the goal’s dashboard. The dashboard really makes GoalTracker special and stand out as one of the best apps out there. If things tend to get complicated with too much information and you need help that breaks down goals and organizes them in a visually oriented way, Goal Tracker is the perfect app for you.

#2 Goal Track and Habit List

If you are looking for a simpler solution, an app that doesn’t offer too much in the way of options and details and yet it is efficient enough to manage your time and get things done – Goal Track and Habit List is the app you need.

With this app, you can create an entry for a specific goal. You can add the goal in a calendar and open the calendar every day as having met or failed to reach the requirements.

If you start analyzing Goal Track and Habit List, you will notice that there is something fancy about it, however, it certainly does an outstanding job. It shows your goal progress, you can view goals by month or week. You can also import or export goals.

Goal Track and Habit List is the perfect app for anyone looking to keep track of goal progress without having to worry about too many details.

#3 HabitBull

HabitBull is another great app. It offers a fully customizable and easy to use interface to help you track your habits.

By selecting from Health & Fitness, Work & Study, Housekeeping & Pets, Arts, Self Improvement, and Money, you can create new habits. There are, of course, other options.

After you choose a habit, you can decide how you want to track it. All you have to do is choose yes, no, a number or with Google Fit. Name the habit and choose which days you want it to be tracked or set a target number for this specific habit.

Open the calendar, add the habit, and tap days to mark them as blank, successful or unsuccessful.

You can also add notes, set reminders, and get a visual representation of all of your habits. It is really helpful.

#4 Raise the Bar

If you’ve always wanted to build healthy habits and measure your daily progress, we have the perfect app for you – Raise the Bar.

This app also helps you create to-do lists and reach your more detailed personal or business goals.

Creating a goal when using this app is pretty simple thanks to the built-in wizard. You can give your goal a name, choose how you want to track the goal, select the bar options, set completed by a specific date for the goal and then customize the bar.

You can track your goal by leveling up, checklist or milestone. There are a few bar options – repeatable goal, reminder, and deadline.

Once the bar is created, you can check the statistics, tag all of your goals, check off products from a list, and much more.

This app allows you to enjoy unlimited goals and edit data in your current or existing goals.

#5 My Goals

My Goals is not the typical app that helps you reach your goals. This app takes a unique approach.

You create personal or business goals with deadlines, tasks involved, images, and more. The app then generates a motivational mosaic on the screen. This might seem a little bit funny, but it is really helpful.

You can tap on the image for the goal and it will be taken to the detail screen for that specific goal. The detail screen allows you to tap to edit the goal, complete tasks, and check your progress.

Even though My Goals app doesn’t include some extra features, like those included in GoalTracker, it still makes up for it with a modern design, helpful options, and ease of use.


There are so many goal-tracking applications as there are simple personal methods of creating and tracking goals.

But, what you need sometimes is an app that shows you how you work and how productive you are.

Choose one of these apps and get ready to accomplish your goals!