5 Ways to Get in Your Audience’s Mind with Facebook Ads

Facebook ads – one of the darlings of digital marketing and social media advertisements. Business owners and marketers love to brag about their marketing budgets, fan likes, popularity, comment numbers, and greater engagement.

Once you start experimenting with FB ads to your customer base, you will be surprised by the end results. Advertising on Facebook will not only bring you future leads but it will also result in high-volume clients who are willing to spend their money on your products or services.

I’m sure you’ve heard that you can target your Facebook ads to your email list and create an audience that has similar interests to your email list. Yes, these strategies work.

Here are more creative ways of how to get in your audience’s mind with Facebook ads.


  1. Use Video As a Way for Customers to Meet You in Person

In the business world, people like to purchase from people they know. Video ads are cost-effective and offer clients the chance to meet with you face-to-face.

By using video ads, you will be able to separate yourself from the crowd because your followers seen your face, heard your voice, and developed the trust factor that is important in sales.

  1. Try Location-Based Ads to Target Businesses Near You

Another great thing Facebook offers is targeting clients by location. It is perfect, right? Especially, if you would like to be known in your local market.

Now that clients prefer to purchase from people they know, you being available in a location near them is a step up.

Also, you could feature in your Facebook ad a review or testimonial from a popular local business to add more credibility and trust.

  1. Optimize Your Ad Design, CTA, Value

Let’s face it – most of your target customers hate advertising. Your ads need to look absolutely stunning, because you may not get another chance at attracting customer’s attention. You have to make the value as clear as possible to your potential customers.

Here is a breakdown of important things to improve in your Facebook ads:

  • Imagery: The color scheme Facebook uses is white and blue. Don’t apply the same colors to your ad or it will lose into the News Feed and probably skip the eyes of your followers. Instead, use a bright color scheme and make sure your background is pretty contrasting the images. Avoid using the brand logo unless you are worldwide popular.

  • CTA: The second thing that people notice after an image is the CTA. While having unique images certainly draws attention to your ad, the call-to-action plays a very important role in getting people to take action and purchase your products or services. With 1.5 million marketers trying to get the attention of Facebook’s audience, your CTA needs to stand out while being simple and clear at the same time. You can incorporate urgency, use action words, ask questions, and more.

  • Copy and Value Proposition: The copy should reveal the benefits of using your products or services. There will be people who will see your ad and use your services, however, you will get more conversion if you talk about the quality of your product/service and what they will get when convert. Please don’t use cliche copy like “Our services will make your life better” It is better to use photos that describe your product or service. Be direct with the copy proposition and let people know the value they will gain out of your brand.

  1. Target a Previous Employer’s FB Followers

This is a great strategy used by  FB AD trainer and expert, Claire Pells. Claire’s previous employer has a large following of her perfect clients (new potential customers) so Claire designed a blog post just for that group of people and used Facebook ads to target those people.

If you have a client with a high rating or a popular profile, you could do the same. This client is already known and credible in the eyes of the Facebook fans and this will certainly add credibility to your brand.

  1. Test and Stick With What Works

In order to determine what is getting you more followers and customers, it is important to test different Ads. To improve your digital marketing campaign, don’t stop at two or three versions of your ads (just because the second outperformed the first, doesn’t mean it will outperform the next one as well).

Luckily, you can use Facebook’s newest conversion list measurement option. The Land of Nod (a popular furniture retailer) gained a better understanding of how Facebook helps in driving customer acquisition by using a conversion lift measurement feature. The company realized a customer acquisition lift of 12% with advertising and set it up as a benchmark for future strategies.

Conversion list measurements data is displayed in real-time in Ads Manager reporting. The concept is based on lift management principles to reveal which Facebook ads are working best for acquiring clients.


The five key elements to creating Facebook Ads can certainly help you increase client conversions. These methods will help your ads drive the attention of your potential customers away from all distractions on social media and make them focus on what you have to say and offer.

Are you using Facebook ads to gain more customers for your products or services? What ad strategies have worked best for your business?