Students interested in business/marketing have many education choices following high-school graduation. A number of college and university business programs offer co-op or apprenticeship programs which allow students to work in-field to gain valuable hands-on experience. Students who enrol in an undergraduate degree program often pursue a college diploma or certificate in a particular discipline upon graduation (such as marketing, public relations) or apply for acceptance into an MBA program.


This listing of colleges and universities, while not exhaustive, is a good place to begin researching your education options



The National Autonomous University of Mexico has played a leading role in the country’s history and academic development. The substantive tasks of this secular and autonomous public institution include teaching, research and the dissemination of culture. In the academic world, it is recognized as a university of excellence. The UNAM responds to the present and looks to the future as the most important cultural project for Mexico. The UNAM is a space of freedom; respect, tolerance, and dialogue are practiced on a daily basis. The plurality of ideas and thought is deemed a sign of its richness, never a weakness.


Universidad Panamericana has a distinct global perspective aiming to have a high percentage of International students on campus. 100 percent of our national students have at least one experience abroad during their undergraduate courses. To accomplish this goal we offer UP students a variety of summer courses abroad and, of course, the possibility to spend an exchange semester abroad.



The international exposure and academic experience gained by taking part in student exchange are highly worthwhile, both for Desautels Faculty of Management students going abroad for a term or a year, as well as for students coming to McGill to gain exposure to international management at Desautels.


The purpose of the exchange program is to allow full-time students to study at a partner university without being required to pay international student fees. Students can gain a new perspective during their academic experience by spending one or two terms at a partner institution as part of a student exchange with one of our more than 250 partner institutions in some 52 countries. The exchange program is an integral part of University of Ottawa’s strategic plan to allow our students to become true global citizens. It aims to train graduates who are skilled and open to the world by offering them this international dimension.



The George Washington University School of Business offers an excellent education in business and management. Our international business, finance, entrepreneurship and business analytics fields are renowned, and the School’s business and accountancy programs are accredited by AACSB International. With our unique location in Washington D.C., and our top-notch faculty, we are able to offer a world-class education. The School of Business is an integral part of the George Washington University, the largest institution of higher education in Washington, D.C.


Through the Reciprocal Educational Exchange Program (REEP), UH students can study at a partner university, while paying the UH tuition rate and limited student fees. Conversely, students at a UH partner university can study at UH while paying tuition to their home university. REEPs provide an opportunity to take courses with local students and are best suited for highly motivated, independent students. REEPs are typically a semester or year-long commitment and tend to be more cost effective.