🛠️ Website Builder Providers for Startup Businesses

There are many aspects that an entrepreneur who is starting should put into consideration. One of the crucial phases includes coming up with a website that will allow you to establish an online presence. A good custom website could cost you about $2000 on the lower end and still require additional money to update the site.

On the other hand, you can decide to work with a website builder for a few dollars each month with easy to use customization options to help you create a stunning website in minutes! Website builders will also allow you to log in, change copy, upload images or add new plugins without any technical support.

Why a Website Builder for Startup Businesses?

Website builders provide an excellent solution for individuals and startup companies with low budgets. They are also for businesses that don’t have time to design traditional sites and need a simple online shop for their products right now.

Besides, website builders work well with small businesses that need branding to interact with their customers via the web. With so many platforms in the market, finding the best web builder can be tricky. Here, we will help you select the right web builder with easy to use functions and the ones that will give you room to scale your business.

Features To Look For In a Website Builder

First, write down your needs before choosing a website builder. If you’re not sure of what you want, check with your competitors so that you can establish what features you’d want to see on your website.


If you’re an individual or a startup, the website builder of your choice should provide you with room for growth. If you need an eCommerce platform for your products to ensure that product listing is extensive and will allow you to scale your business accordingly.

Besides, the platform should provide you with easy to use and sufficient tools that will allow you to handle orders efficiently manage inventory, analyze data, payments, and shipping. Also, check the loading speed and whether the website is mobile user-friendly so that your customers can reach you any time from any part of the world.

Easy to Use and Customizable

If you’re creating a site for the first time, the best website builder that’s easy to use and customizable features should be your first choice. Various web builder providers come with several templates to choose from that offer you drag and drop function, fast installation and set up with little or no technical knowledge.

Customer Support

Quick and efficient customer service is indispensable when starting a company. Customer support is crucial when it comes to running a website for your business. There are times when you can experience down times, that’s when you need someone you can talk to and get things up and running again.

Fortunately, website builders feature 24-hour customer support that you can access through email, chat, or via telephone. Ensure that your choice has excellent ratings when it comes to customer service.


Some website builders will offer a free plan. However, there’s a limitation on the features that you can access. But if you’re serious about increasing your margins and scaling your business, you should consider web builders that offer several payment plans and choose the one which meets your budget needs.

That said, let’s dive in and study the website builder platforms that will help you establish an online presence with no support from a developer at little or no cost.

4 Best Website Builders for Startup Businesses


  1. WordPress

WordPress is a popular self-hosted web builder that offers users 60% off on web hosting services for the free SSL and domain name. The platform is an open source website builder with robust features, scalability, and ease of use for maximum control and customization.

If you’re looking to start a website for a community forum, eCommerce, social network or an individual site, you need to open a WordPress hosting account first. Next, use the drag and drop feature to create page layouts and customize accordingly.

The web builder features thousands of themes and more than 50,000 free WordPress plugins that allow you to personalize your website. Besides, the platform can be fully translated into various languages to create a multilingual site.

  1. Gator by HostGator

The Gator builder by HostGator offers users with all-in-one web building and hosting solution. This web builder features over 200 plus professional website design templates with simple customization features and a drag and drop interface.

The easy to use interface function allows you to drag and drop images, videos, texts, maps, contact forms and more. The paid plans on this platform come with a free custom domain name that allows you to set up a stunning website or an online store to sell your products.

  1. Shopify

One of the biggest perks of using Shopify web builder platform is the ease of use and highly intuitive features that it offers users. If you want to build a winning blog or a high-converting eCommerce site that will attract new customers, Shopify will provide you with a smooth and painstakingly free process.

With Shopify eCommerce platform, you can manage your inventory, market your page with the free SEO plan. The platform automatically installs updates and inventory backup so you won’t have to worry. The web builder features an integrated payment solution with over 100 payment gateways that accept debit and credit cards.

Shopify website builder features hundreds of free templates with powerful stats, efficient marketing solutions, full inventory management, and unlimited product listing all wrapped under one roof. Build your Online Store with Shopify

  1. BoldGrid

BoldGrid is a detached WordPress plugin and an entirely hosted platform that allows you to select proficient design templates from the gallery of themes provided. The site builder features customizable functions that permit you to change the colors, fonts, layouts, widgets, navigation menus and more.

You can also install Bold Grip and build it on top of your WordPress website.

Bottom Line

After you carefully evaluate the four website builders we’ve discussed here, ensure that they match your business goals and budget needs.